Artist's Statement

Born 1952, South Australia
Career Commenced 1975 

Figurative sculpture has been a constant in my repertoire since 1975 and its possibilities in a contemporary context continue to excite me. Symbiotic relationships in nature and humanity's role in that, inspired the development of a second genre;morhping human, plant and animal form. These organic forms and animal studies are parts of my repertoire that have enhanced and informed my sculptural vocabulary.

Capturing life and movement in sculpture, drawing inspiration from life itself, is an exciting and infinite journey. Behavioral observation and a fascination with anatomy have been constant companions along the way. Studies of past masters formed a foundation on which to build with contemporary influences such as collaborations with modern dancers.

A study tour of UK and Italy in 1992, coinciding with exhibitting in the Royal Academy of Arts "Summer Exhibition" London, marked  a shift from the medium wood, to clay as my preferred medium for creating bronze sculpture. This change bought with it new creative freedoms, including the ability to produce larger works.

Commissioned sculpturial portraits, be they busts or full figures,animal or human, are a signifiant part of my practice. These studies have often taken me down paths otherwise not travelled and immersed me in subjects previously not understood. Such explorations, necessary to understand the subject at hand have enriched my life's work.



2014   Installation of Barrie Robran MBE sculpture at Adelaide Oval. Red kangaroo sculpture underway.

2013   Completed portrait sculpture of Barrie Robran MBE. One two meter high figurative work under confidentiality agreement. Two new organic forms "Symbiosis" and "A Desire for Personal Space"

2012   Installation of 4 bronzes ( i.e. 2011-2012 works) by May 1st. Figurative sculpture currently underway.

2011  Sculpting 3 seperate public commissions - for release in 2012

2010   Life size bronze of Jason Gillespie for Adelaide Oval  SA

2009  Two commissioned life size bronze busts of Nobel laureate “Dr Robin Warren for St Peters College SA and a body of work (figurative and surreal) created for exhibition in October 2009. 

2008  Sculpting figurative studies for exhibition, Four commissioned bronze human figures  and Sperm Whale, Giant Squid & dolphins as part of ongoing private collection. 
2007  Commissioned (06-07) to create 3 different bronze studies of Makybe Diva of varying scale and composition for Makybe Property in Victoria. Also a sea fantasy incorporating four figures, commissioned in 06 for 2008
2006  Commissioned by City of Port Lincoln to sculpt life size bronze of three time Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva for Port Lincoln foreshore. A life size full figure nude portrait was also completed in 06.
2005  Bronze figures sculpted for exhibitions. Also life size studies and full figure commissions in bronze.
2004  A new body of exhibition work focusing on human form and spirit with special attention given to creating potent smaller scale work e.g. 350mm high.
2003  Construction of new studio. Development of new collection of exhibition pieces. Life size bronze figure commissions.
2002  Further exploration of the expressive possibilities of the nude in sculpture.
2001  Completing two complex realistic compositions involving 1200 hours work collectively, followed by the completion of a body of abstract work for exhibition.
1996-2000  I split my time between creating realistic human figures and abstract sculptures Influenced by nature-humanity, dance and music.
1995  Wood sculpture being a major part of my repertoire for 20 years I now shifted focus to sculpting in clay for the sole purpose of casting bronze.
1993-1994  Dominated by commissioned works in Australia, Canada & UK
1992  Sculpture exhibited in Royal Academy of Arts - London, UK, (Summer Exhibition). A six week study tour of UK and Italy was an invaluable experience.
1988-1991  Figurative sculpture depicting aspects of Australian life and “Nature Vignettes” incorporating animals, birds and oceanic creatures.               
1987  Return to solo career creating wood and bronze, sculpting the human figure , nature studies, animals, birds and organic form inspired by nature.
1977-1986  Founding partner of Constantia Designer Craftsmen. ABC Documentary “Master Craftsmen” (1986) recorded design innovation and sculptural carvings in wood. Several bronze and silver sculptures cast.
1975-1977  Self taught - Commenced sculpting in stone & wood. 



  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • USA
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom